Virginia Blù


Virginia Blù philosophy is simple but at the same time ambitious: this brand aims to enhance women on every occasion, thinking of everyday life, but also of leisure time, offering comfortable, fashionable and trendy outerwear, jeans and trousers, in a perfect combination between customer focus and research. It is an exponentially growing brand, offering garments that make every woman feel perfect in every circumstance.

Soft, comfortable and above all extremely practical down jackets, ecologic furs and also extra-size jackets, from the most casual to the most sophisticated ones, are made taking care of every detail. Research of materials, dynamism, taste, care and quality typical of the Italian style, all these aspects and many more characterize this line. Virginia Blù 2019/20 Autumn/Winter promises to be really interesting, with avant-garde, colorful, peculiar and extravagant looks, but also elegant and refined ones.